Health workers eligible for co-payments after "covid" allowances abolition

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The Healthcare Ministry published a draft order on amending the order dated April 4, 2020 "On some issues of financial support for healthcare workers involved in anti-epidemic measures in the fight against COVID-19 ", on which it is planned to cancel the allowances for health workers from October 1, involved in the fight against coronavirus, reports.

The allowances will be reduced from August 1 by category in an amount that is a multiple of the minimum wage (the minimum wage is 42,500 tenge).

- the first risk group - from 20 to 10 MWR;

- the second risk group - from 10 to 5 minimum wages;

- the third risk group - from 5 to 2.5 MWR.

Instead of the allowances canceled from October 1, constant additional payments for work in special psycho-emotional and harmful working conditions are to be introduced for specialists that include:

- resuscitators-anesthesiologists,

- infectious disease specialists,

- anesthetists of the intensive care and anesthesiology departments,

- epidemiologists,

- psychologists and social workers of PHC,

- employees of the Center for Nuclear Medicine,

- pathologists.

The draft order is on the Open LSI website for public discussion until August 4.

19:23, 21 July 2021

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