Experts assessed impact of anti-Russian sanctions on Kazakhstan’s economy

The impact should be viewed in the frames of present economic situation in Russia and the West, KazISS says.

Anti-Russian sanctions will not impact the economy of Kazakhstan, said the first deputy director of Kazakhstan’s Institute for Strategic Studies (KazISS) under the RK President Leila Muzaparova, correspondent reports.

"We evaluated the possible economic consequences of anti-Russian sanctions on Kazakhstan’s economy and concluded that it will not be directly impacted. So far the range of sanctions is such that it will not have a direct impact on our economy. Scale of the impact of anti-Russian sanctions can now be evaluated within the framework of the Russian and European economies ", - Muzaparova told at a briefing at the Central Communications Service.

We can talk of the impact on Kazakhstan economy only if it is viewed as part of the global economy, the KazISS says.

"If sanctions cause the projected decline in global GDP of about 0.1%, Kazakhstan, as part of the global economy, can feel this effect too. But since the decrease is insignificant as well as Kazakhstan’s share in the global economy, there will be no tangible effect, "- Muzaparova opined.

We have previously reported that the deputy director of KazISS warned of the possibility of another global economic crisis in the coming months.


Nazymgul Kumyspaeva
15:21, 12 August 2014

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