Baikal aircraft and Kalashnikov assault rifles to be produced in Kazakhstan

Photo by the press service of the RK MIID
Kazakhstan will start producing LMS Baikal aircraft, assembling Kalashnikov assault rifles, as well as producing components for aviation equipment, reports with reference to the press service of the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

As the ministry said, at the site of the International Aviation Space Salon MAKS-2021, held in Zhukovsky, within the framework of the Kazakh-Russian cooperation in the project to create a light multipurpose aircraft LMS "Baikal", a contract was signed for acquisition of the Kazakh aviation production enterprise "Kazakhstan Aviation Industry" , the only participant of which is JSC “NC“ Kazakhstan Engineering ”, share of participation in LLC“ Baikal-Engineering ”, a subsidiary of JSC“ Ural Civil Aviation Plant ”.

The signing of the contract took place literally under the wing of the Baikal aircraft, which is being developed by an enterprise acquired by the Kazakhstan Aviation Industry. Light multipurpose aircraft "Baikal" is intended to replace the famous An-2 aircraft, which has been in operation for over 50 years.

The total volume of investments in the project from the Kazakh side will amount to 1 billion rubles. In return, Kazakhstan will receive a minority stake in the project and a license to manufacture these aircraft.

The agreement was signed by General Director of JSC UZGA Vadim Badekha and General Director of JSC "Kazakhstan Aviation Industry" Daniyar Amangildin. The signing was attended by Minister of Industry and Infrastructure Development Beibut Atamkulov and Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Oleg Bocharov. New light multifunctional aircraft "Baikal" are planned to be produced to replace the outdated An-2 ("Kukuruznik").

The project program provides for the organization from 2024 of the production of aircraft of the "Baikal" type on the basis of the "Kazakhstan Aviation Industry", while the estimated production capacity is determined at 30-50 aircraft per year. An important fact is the right of a Kazakhstani enterprise to license production of Baikal aircraft in export version for third countries.

Daniyar Amangildin noted that today 324 An-2 aircraft in various modifications are operated in Kazakhstan.

"This amount can be a marker of the amount that Kazakhstan will acquire," he explained.

Manufacturers plan to export them to Eastern Europe and Africa.

"We estimate the market by the end of 2030 at least 500 aircraft - a pessimistic forecast, and an optimistic forecast - 600-650. Based on this, we have planned our production program, at the Ural Civil Aviation Plant we will produce 50 aircraft per year", - Vadim Badekha, Director General of the Ural Civil Aviation Plant (UZGA, a developer company), told reporters.

Also, a solemn signing of a memorandum of cooperation between Pall Corporation, JSC "Aircraft Repair Plant No. 405" and JSC "Tynys" took place, dedicated to the localization of the production of the PALL dust protection device for helicopters of the "Mi" family in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Localization of production is planned to be carried out at the facilities of JSC Tynys.

As part of localization, Pall Corporation will transfer to Tynys JSC the appropriate technological processes for implementation of stage-by-stage localization, as well as equipment for the assembly and subsequent maintenance of dust protection devices. The main customer of dust protection devices manufactured by Tynys JSC will be ARZ No. 405 JSC, which produces and repairs Mi-8/17 helicopters for operating organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan, such as National Guard, KazAviaSpas, etc.

Modern small arms will be produced at the TYNYS JSC plant: within the framework of MAKS-2021, an agreement was signed on the organization of licensed assembly production of Kalashnikov assault rifles in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The operator of the project is the company JSC “NC“ Kazakhstan Engineering ”. Bilateral cooperation in the field of joint production of modern small arms such as AK - 12 and AK - 15 will start in August this year.

In addition, a trilateral agreement was signed between the Kirov Plant JSC, the Russian Prima plant and the 405 Aircraft Repair Plant JSC on the localization of the manufacture of radio communication equipment for aviation equipment in Kazakhstan, the press service added.

15:15, 22 July 2021

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