Average TSA size is KZT105 000 - Labor Minister

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Today, on June 24, during the reporting meeting with the population, the Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Population Berdibek Saparbayev told about rendering of targeted social assistance (TSA) to large and low-income families, reports.

“From April 1, 2019, conditions for providing TSA were changed. By date TSA has been paid to more than 277 thousand families or over 1.3 million people. Since the beginning of the year, it was paid in the amount of 67.7 billion tenge, the average amount of payment made 105 thousand tenge,” the minister accounted.

According to him, together with the Akimats, a unified package of services and social support measures was developed, including 11 types of assistance, also providing schoolers of 1 to 4 grades with free hot meals, school uniforms, textbooks and accessories, public transport for children and mothers, free rest in children's camps and others.

Saparbayev also focused on measures to support families with children: over 243 billion tenge will be allocated for payments for the birth of a child, care for a child under 1 year and social benefits for pregnancy and childbirth.

Pension contributions are subsidized to women on maternity leave. This year, 5.8 billion tenge was allocated for it, the minister added.

Currently in Kazakhstan there are about 237 thousand mothers of large families, with six or more children. For the payment of benefits to them 45 billion tenge is annually allocated.

10:50, 24 June 2019


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