200-tenge coin to be issued by RK National Bank

Photo: Talgat Akhanov
In 2020, the National Bank of Kazakhstan will issue a coin in denomination of 200 tenge, reports with reference to the press service of the financial regulator.

Ensuring the quality of cash is one of the important tasks of the National Bank. This is a matter of aesthetic perception, sanitary safety and banknote protection.

"Banknotes of low denominations wear out within 1-1.5 years. For comparison, banknotes of higher denominations and coins serve much longer. The service life of coins is 10-15 years," said Zhomart Kazhmuratov, director of the cash circulation department of the RK NB.

In order to efficiently organize cash circulation and increase the life of lower denominations, the National Bank decided to issue a circulation coin with a face value of 200 tenge.

“Banknotes with a face value of 200 tenge remain legal and must be accepted for all types of payments. They will be withdrawn from circulation as natural wear and tear,” the representative of the National Bank added.

The planned volume of circulating coins with face value of 200 tenge is 26% of the total circulating coins in circulation.
19:55, 17 October 2019

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