Visitor centers will appear on Kazakhstan museums territory

Photo from RK Culture Ministry’s website
To improve infrastructure and create favorable conditions for serving tourists, the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Kazakhstan plans to build 8 visitor centers by 2025 on the territory of republican museums-reserves, reports with reference to the official website of the MCS RK.

This year it is planned to start construction of 3 visitor centers on the territory of the republican museums-reserves "Ordabasy" and "Azret Sultan" ("Gaukhar ana" and "Sauran").

On August 16, the construction of the Ordabasy visitor center began. The foundation of the visit center is being laid. The total area is 2100 sq. m.

The visitor center will consist of an administrative building, a hotel building for tourists and members of archaeological scientific expeditions. The administrative building will include exhibition halls, a conference hall, a library with a reading room, a laboratory for scientists and offices for staff of the Ordabasy museum.

It is expected that the construction of the visitor center will increase the flow of tourists by 70%. On the territory of the museum-reserve "Ordabasy" there is Birlik-tobe part, where a historically significant event for the unity of the Kazakh people took place with the participation of representatives of all zhuzes and biys.

18:06, 25 August 2021

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