Song to Abai’s lyrics first performed in Japanese

Japanese singer Ranka congratulated Kazakhstanis on the 175th anniversary of Kazakh poet Abay Kunanbayuly by performing the song "Kozimnin karasy" in Japanese, refers to the press service of the Foreign Ministry of Kazakhstan reporting.

In the conditions of the coronavirus pandemic that swept all countries of the world, she wished the people of Kazakhstan to pass this test and return to a normal life in the shortest possible time.

The traditional Japanese arrangement of the musical composition with the sound of the national plucked instrument koto was created by the production company Zerosta. The lyrics of the song were translated into Japanese by professor of the Wako University Hiroki Sakai, the author of several books about the folklore and mythological heritage of the Kazakh people, including translation of Abai's Words of Edification into Japanese, the Foreign Ministry informed.

The goal of the goodwill project of the friends of the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Japan is to popularize Kazakh culture by transferring the artistic and aesthetic content of Abai's work in Japanese, the press service noted.

Ranka is a composer and performer of Japanese folk and contemporary music, and Grand Prix winner of the Japan Record Awards.

18:37, 24 July 2020

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