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RK Secretary of State suggests to train experts of archival work under Bolashak program

Issues of development of archives and museums in Kazakhstan were discussed at the meeting of Abdykalikova with the leadership and staff of the National Archive of Kazakhstan.
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Kazakh Secretary of State Gulshara Abdykalikova noted the shortage of qualified personnel in museums and archives and suggested to train specialists under the program "Bolashak" in foreign countries, reports.
"There is an acute shortage of qualified professionals in the state and departmental archives, documentary security services. For example, only 66% of specialists in national archives have a special education", - said the Secretary of State.

She noted that the developed countries pay special attention to museum and archive business, and training of such specialists is at the highest level.

"We have an opportunity to train our students in the countries with well-developed archive and museum systems in the frames of the program "Bolashak", - suggested Abdykalikova.

In addition, she said, there is an acute issue of development of information and communication technologies in the regional archives and museums.

The Secretary of State stressed that special attention should be paid to development of museums, archives and historical science in Kazakhstan.

"As part of the Nation Plan "100 concrete steps", in particular, the fourth direction "Identity and unity", we must focus efforts on further development of the system work to identify, study and expand database of Kazakhstan’s historical science. To this end, it is necessary to establish constant multilateral interaction with leading archives, major universities, research centers of the near and far abroad, "- concluded the Secretary of State.
Adina Nurbergen
16:59, 9 October 2015

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