No hajj this year for Kazakhstanis

from open sources
Only a very small number of people living in Saudi Arabia will be able to perform a hajj in 2020, informs.

According to Kazakhstan Muslims’ Spiritual Administration, citing the Ministry of Hajj and the Umras of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, due to the global coronavirus infection, the number of pilgrims will be significantly reduced this year and Kazakhstanis will not be able to perform the hajj.

The coronavirus epidemic has spread to more than 180 countries around the world, and the number of deaths from COVID-19 has already reached one million. In addition, seven million people were infected.

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Health imposed a number of restrictions on pilgrimage this year to prevent the virus spread and with regard to the WHO requirements.

“The main task of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is to ensure that the pilgrims perform the Hajj and Umra safely,” the statement says. “Since the pandemic start, all precautions have been taken to protect the pilgrims, and visiting of holy places was limited. To ensure the safety of the pilgrims in holy places, the restrictions have been further tightened in keeping with the requirements of Islamic countries and international organizations. It’s important for us to prevent deadly epidemic. Coronavirus infection is more common in crowded places, so it was decided that the pilgrimage in 2020 will only take place with the participation of a small number of people living in Saudi Arabia."

According to the source, in Saudi Arabia more than 160,000 people were infected.

21:07, 23 June 2020

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