Kazakhstan stuntmen acted in Turkish historic film about Çanakkale Battle

The filming crew praised our team's performance.
Kazakhstan's Nomad Stunts group took part in the filming of the historical serial We were Caught in Storm (original title Bir Firtina Tuttu Bizi), telling of the Çanakkale battle that took place during the First World War (1915-1916), reports.

"This large-scale project involves thousands of people and best Turkish actors," - says Nomad Stunts actor Kanat Kudyarov. "I performed stunts and also worked as stunt coordinator, action-operator. For example, there are battle scenes in the serial, in which the main hero galloping on horseback in the field sees his fallen soldiers dying. We were shooting this spectacular episode two days, and the result pleased the whole crew. "

During the filming, the stunt actor also dubbed Halit Ergenç, who played the part of Sultan Suleyman in the Magnificent Century serial.

"Apart from performances in the action scenes, we were also training the horses - says the stuntman of the Nomad Stunts group Ykylas Almabek -. They had to be trained to do the stunts and in not being scared of the explosions. Of course, we were very lucky with our Turkish colleagues, working together as one team, and in the end of the project it felt like being in one big family. "

Kazakhstan's stunt actors were invited by the head of the Istanbul Stunt Team. The filming and producing crews praised both the teams for the smooth and proficient work.

The head of the group of Istanbul Stunt Team Serdar Tashkesenlioglu said they were pleased to have worked with Kazakhstan stunt team. They mainly act in modern movies, historic scenes are a new experience to them, and they hope for more cooperation with Kazakhstan’s team.

In general, stunt actor Esbolat Abdiberik observed, the atmosphere on the filming set was very creative, "Our vision of the battle scenes and stunts always found the directors’ support."

The premiere of the film, directed by brothers Yagmur and Durul Taylan is scheduled for December 2016. They are known in Kazakhstan by the Magnificent Century serial.

The Battle of Çanakkale is one of the glorious pages in the Turkish military history. At the same time it is the most bloodshed battle on land and sea between the Ottoman Empire and the Entente forces, which included Britain, France and other countries.

The centenary of the battle was in 2015, and the date was marked in Turkey on the international scale.
11:03, 6 September 2016

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