Karaganda archaeologists discovered Bronze Age artifacts

Photo from the source
Archaeologists of the Saryarka Archaeological Institute of the E.A. Buketov Karaganda University found a "tailed" knife and an adze with a handle from the Bronze Age. Such household items have been discovered in Kazakhstan for the first time, refers to the official website of Karaganda region’s akimat reporting.

The artifacts were found during research on the territory of the Taldy Historical and Archaeological Park in Shet district of Karaganda region.

“In Taldy, we examined five earthen mounds surrounded by concentric fences,” archaeologist Igor Kukushkin says. – “Burials were made in ground pits and stone boxes. Orientation - West - East. Ceramic dishes decorated with geometric patterns were placed in the heads. I must say that the dishes were highly valued. In case of cracking, the ceramics were pulled together with copper staples."

Women, as a rule, were buried in jewelry: bracelets, beads, plaques, and men were buried with arrowheads and knives. Rare tools were found in one of these burials. First, archaeologists found a "tailed" knife.

The traditional shape of knives is leaf-shaped, sharpened on both sides, Igor Kukushkin detailed.

Another surprising find was an adze. It is a carpenter's tool similar to a modern chisel.

It was used for woodworking, making chariots, scabbards, kitchen utensils the archaeologist said.

This year, excavations in Taldy have been completed. Archaeologists have collected a lot of material for further work and research.

15:30, 30 July 2021

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