In Astana, 4D multimedia show took place

The projection show in celebration of the day of the capital, took place in front of the State Opera and Ballet Theatre "Astana Opera".

On the day of the capital, July 6, a 4D Mapping-Show was held in Astana, correspondent reported. It started at 22.30 Astana time and lasted until 23.00.


"We have a well-organized team, and I think everything went on well - the project coordinator Iana Malysheva said. - We have been preparing six months in advance for it, as it is a complex project. During this time the script has been in the making, negotiations and daily training were ongoing.


This year, according to the organizers, it was easier to make the show with the parameters of the building in hand. The only difficulty was that the theater building was already functioning, and they depended on the weather too. It gets dark late in Astana, which is why  they had to delay the show until the last moment and  the lights in the theater had to be turned off  - the organizers shared.


The show was made by Kazakhstan’s company. The cost of the project is not specified.

The show was admiringly watched by a lot of Astana dwellers and guests and  ended in festive fireworks.

Ainur Kuramysova
09:53, 7 July 2014

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