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Ethnic theatres in Kazakhstan getting ready for May,1

The Korean Theater of Musical Comedy is rehearsing for a festive performance "May, peace, spring" timed to the Day of Kazakhstan Peoples' Unity -May,1.

They are staging a collection of folk songs and dances of Kazakhstan's ethnicities. The folklore and ethnographic groups "Samulnori" will present a composition "Harddrum" - a combination of Kazakh and Korean folk music with the sounds of kobyz and drums in them, authored by chief conductor of the theater Georgy Yun.

Korean folk songs and dances are to be performed, also the dance with lions, which is on the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. The state Korean theater, which is 80 years old, boasts a variety of scenic images and art of drama, also the multicultural traditions of Kazakhstan.

The state supports development of ethnic cultures, funds the creation of ethnic culture centers, Sunday schools, secondary schools with different languages of instruction, folklore groups and theaters. Kazakhstanis value this ethnic diversity in the country.

- Talented and artistic people are invited to the theater, says the Korean Theatre director Lubov Nee.

The theater stages Kazakh classics' works too, among which is Karagoz by M. Auezov, which was presented at the 32nd International Theatre Festival in the Republic of Korea and which was much praised there. Three years ago, Kazakhstan Honored Artist Dmitry Skirta staged a jocular performance Bear -screen adaptation of the same-name play by Anton Chekhov that was also run at the festival in Korea.



11:13, 9 April 2014


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