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Documentary about ethnic Kazakhs will be filmed in eight countries

The project is timed to the V International kurultai of Kazakhs and is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the World Association of Kazakhs.
Photo by Ch.Batzaya Photography
The shooting of the 8-series documentary film "Kiyrdagy Kazakhtar" started. The Minister of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan Dauren Abayev told this in a briefing at the Central Communications Service, reports.

The documentary film will show the history and everyday life of Kazakhs who turned out to be far from their homeland, but at the same time retained their ethnic identity, language and culture.

According to the idea of the filmmakers, the film will show the scale of migration processes and demographic changes that occurred as a result of complex political processes in Kazakhstan in the first half of the twentieth century, which led to the formation of a vast area of settlement of ethnic Kazakhs on the territory of the Eurasian continent.

"The documentary film will allow the people of Kazakhstan to learn how, being away from the historical homeland, the compatriots could adapt to local conditions, and at the same time preserve the language, customs, traditions and culture of their nation," the speaker said.

Large-scale film shootings will be conducted in several countries - Russia (Astrakhan, Omsk, Orenburg, Kurgan), Turkmenistan (Turkmenbashi, Tashauz, Ashgabat, Chardzhou), Uzbekistan (Bostandyk district, Tashkent, Chirchik, Gazalkent), Tajikistan (Dushanbe, Sughd region, Gorny Badakhshan, Khatlon region), China (Urumqi, Khumyl, Karamay, Barkol, Chuguchak, Kuldja, Mori), Mongolia (Bayan-Ulgiy, Ulan Bator), Iran (Gorgan, Bender-Turkmen, Tehran , Mashhad), Afghanistan (Kabul, Kunduz).

In addition, on the site of the Internet project National Digital History, there will be a live broadcast of the expedition and a photo report will be presented. Users of the Internet and social networks will be provided with all information about the expedition in online mode.

Jania Urankaeva
19:19, 19 July 2017