Diana Sharapova sang about Aral Sea tragedy

According to the camera crew, a week spent in Aral Sea region, was an eye opener about scale of the ecological disaster.
Kazakhstan singer Diana Sharapova sang a lyrical composition Araldan ұshқan aққular (Swans that left Aral), dedicated to the problems of the Aral Sea, reports referring to the singer’s producer.

The author of the song is composer Seydolla Baiterekov and the honored worker of culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, songwriter Shomishbay Sariev. It tells the story of the swans circling above the sand in search of the sea and not finding it. In place of it there are vast expanses of barren desert and not a hint of water in the Aral Sea.

A video clip has already been made on it, in which the singer is walking along the dried bottom of the Aral Sea, meeting on the way salt marshes, sand dunes, abandoned and rusting barges and ghost ships, camel caravans and the port of Aralsk town with its cranes.

The singer says it is a really depressing sight.  But they could not show only the cheerless landscapes, which is why the clip ends with hope, given all the undertaken national and international efforts to save Aral.

Mention should be made that it is not the first song about the Aral Sea. Last year the famous Pink Floyd presented their musical video of the drying Aral Sea to the song Louder than Words. Leonardo DiCaprio also twitter on his page about the tragedy of the Aral Sea, laying out pictures of the remains of the ship in the middle of the desert.

Jania Urankaeva
13:16, 1 October 2015


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