Culture and business house "Abai Uii" to open in three more states

In Nur-Sultan, a briefing was held on the topic "Enhancing culture-humanitarian ties with compatriots living abroad." The event was attended by the vice-president of the Otandastar Foundation, Magauiya Sarbasov, refers to the press service of the Ministry of Information and Social Development of Kazakhstan reporting.

During the briefing, Sarbasov spoke about the projects aimed to enhance cultural and humanitarian ties with compatriots living abroad. He also noted that the project on the development of cultural-business houses Abai Uii, which was launched with the support of the Ministry of Education and Development of Kazakhstan and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan, is being implemented successfully.

"At present, the Abai Uiis are officially opened in five countries. In the second half of the year, it is planned to open them in three more countries of the world - Mongolia, Russia and Kyrgyzstan. In this regard, measures to support compatriots abroad are being implemented in relation to all ethnic Kazakhs. Thus, there are about 250 Kazakh culture centers in the world. Today, for the purpose of organizing culture-humanitarian events, the Otandastar Foundation has signed a memorandum of mutual cooperation with 71 Kazakh cultural centers, "said Magauiya Sarbasov.

At the same time, the speaker noted that 31 online classes for the study of the Kazakh language were created for Kazakhs living abroad, within which 333 free online lessons were held in 2020 involving 1,163 people and about 400 of them received certificates, and in 2021, 440 online lessons were held, reaching 900 people.

It should also be noted that the country has created opportunities for admission to universities and colleges in Kazakhstan, about which our compatriots abroad have been widely informed, the ministry added.

14:14, 12 July 2021

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