Battle of Kazakhs and Jungars recreated by Nomad stunts at KADEX 2016

Head of stunt group Zhaydarbek Kunguzhinov spoke about preparations for the international exhibition of arms.
Photo from Kalizhan Ospanov
A group of 32 Nomad stunts will show theatrical staging of the battle of the Kazakhs and Jungars during the exhibition "KADEX 2016". Famous Kazakhstani actor and stuntman Zhaydarbek Kunguzhinov shared details of the preparation.

- Zhaydarbek, tell us, what you have prepared for the exhibition’s audience, among which will be the Supreme Commander Nursultan Nazarbayev?  

- Preparation for the show was started on May 28, and we brought 24 horses with us. Initially, we planned the big battle scenes in historical perspective because modern weapons are presented at the KADEX, and we wanted to show the ancient battle of Kazakh soldiers. The site does not allow to show all the things that we have planned, but we will try to demonstrate the planned. Now, together with horse-chasseur unit of RK Armed Forced, we are preparing the scene of the battle between the Kazakhs and Jungars, including fights face-to-face or one Kazakh against four enemies. Viewers can also see burning people, falling debris and horses. Yesterday a dress rehearsal was held, and everything went well.

As a rule, we take a specific plot as a basis. This time we decided to organize a show, based on one of the battles between Kazakhs and Jungars.

- How many stuntmen will be involved in today's performance?

- 32 stuntmen and 42 representatives of equestrian unit.

- Will you take a direct part in this scene?

- No, I coordinate the actions of the crew, because it is very important to monitor the actions of the performers and coordinate them. When the crew is divided into two parts, they do not see each other, and it is necessary that they come out synchronously.

- Can you name your favorite stunt or weapon?

- Honestly, I love all that we do and what we are working with. Automatic pistols, sabers, swords, mace - all this is important for me. As for the stunts, I like the falls, burning and working with horses. Because our main "stunt" is the stunts on horseback.

- Are there some aspects of your profession that you would like to learn? What else do you want to do?

- We have recently helped one young director to film a car accident. I would like to make progress in this direction, because we have recently been working closely with Hollywood teams - I'm a director of "International Hit", the base is located in Canada.

- How would you describe the level of risk for a stunt as a percentage? How often are incidental falls and injuries?

- We are stuntmen. Injuries happen, and often it depends not only on you but also on external factors as well. For example, rain, sleet, something went wrong, a horse slipped, etc ... During the filming of "Viking" in the Crimea, two people broke legs, because it was slippery.

- Among your stunt performers there are girls. Why did they choose such a male profession? And how do you choose the future members of your team?

- Now in our team there are four girls, and they all were actively engaged in sports. It does not matter whether it's a guy or a girl, a person must be physically prepared for heavy loads, and it is desirable that in the past he or she were engaged in sports. Since it is much easier to work with athletes. In addition, it is important to teamwork. However, even if a person was engaged in sport, he or she needs 4-5 years to gain the necessary experience.

- Do your stuntmen use military equipment in their stunts, such as tanks and airplanes?

- Of course. For example, during the filming of "Kara Major" we have used tanks, planes, helicopters. And in the process of filming the movie "The Expendables
2" with Schwarzenegger and Stallone, the military equipment was the most used.

- Were you offered to play lead role in a Hollywood movie?

- From time to time I'm shooting. However, the lead role is not offered yet.

- Finally share your opinion about the exhibition "KADEX". What benefit can it bring to our country?

- I take part in this event for the first time, but I heard a lot about it. I know that the main program will start in the evening. I'm sure that this is necessary because very few people know about our weapons. It is necessary that people know that all of these weapons are not for the war only, but also for protection of our homeland.
Azamat Syzdykbayev
16:58, 3 June 2016

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