Ancient Turkic balbal found in Shardara pastureland

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An ancient Turkic balbal was found in a pasture near the Shardara reservoir, reports.

A small sculpture carved from solid stone, made in the form of a human figure, stood in the Shekertobe area. The shepherd first fenced it off, and then reported the find to the local history museum in Shardara.

Museum specialists brought the statue from the steppe to the city. It is an image of a man's face carved on a stone pillar, and even on it they saw a military hat, making the assumption that it could well have been a famous commander of that time.

"The image was made about 1400-1300 years ago, it must be preserved as a monument of the ancient Turkic civilization. The find of the balbal speaks of the spread of the Turks in this territory. And the place of discovery must be carefully explored," commented the director of the Margulan archeology Institute, Bauyrzhan Baytanayev.

Stone sculptures are found not only in Kazakhstan, but also in Southern Siberia, Altai, Tuva, Mongolia. It is believed that balbal (another name "oba tas" - a tombstone) was installed at the burial site of noble people and military leaders, and served as a kind of funeral monument.

Lubov Dobrota
15:45, 9 June 2021

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