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Switzerland will showcase latest technologies for everyday life at EXPO- 2017

Switzerland urges to treat the nature with care, using its potential and preserving its original beauty. This and latest developments in practice can be learnt about in the country's National Pavilion at EXPO-2017.
Photo Kazpravda.kz
For several years, Switzerland has topped the Global Innovation Index 2016. In the spring, during the working visit to Astana, Philippe Roesle, who is responsible for the content of the Swiss national pavilion, promised for the first time without revealing all the secrets, that his country would demonstrate innovative solar panels at the upcoming exhibition.

During the current visit of the Swiss commissariat to the capital of Kazakhstan, Manuel Salchli, Commissioner General of the  
Swiss Pavilion in EXPO-2017 unveiled to Kazpravda.kz the details of the exposition’s concept.

Manuel Salchli said he had arrived in Astana on Monday morning, along with two colleagues for about five days to begin work on the national pavilion. They will have a lot of meetings. Yesterday they were at the Embassy to talk about the recruitment of staff for pavilion, a total of about 50 people, and they hope to recruit about 40% of Kazakhstanis. They want as many Kazakhstanis as possible to work there, but for this they need to speak one of the languages of Switzerland - French, Italian or German, and to know anything about Switzerland. About 30 people are to arrive from Switzerland. They unfortunately do not speak Kazakh, but speak Russian, English. They are also considering the possibility of attracting staff, speaking Chinese, since many tourists are expected from China.


KAZPRAVDA.KZ: How do you assess the readiness of your pavilion?

- We had a very interesting visit to the EXPO site. I was here in February during a meeting of the international participants. And the progress made is fantastic. Everything is finished. We could take over our pavilion now and start putting the exhibits. We were really impressed by the quality of the building, by the way it looks. We had been to EXPOs in other countries, and things there were much slower. So I want to make a big compliment to the organizers in Kazakhstan. And what I also like is: in other countries I was up back and forth between the hotel, the city center, the embassy and the Expo. Here it’s close to the city center. It’s not as in Japan in 2005, and even in Milano, where we had to take a train and a long ride from the city center to the exhibition.

KAZPRAVDA.KZ: I'd like to know what you are going to surprise the EXPO visitors by. Switzerland is known for its developments in clean energy, and the expectations are very high.

- We want to start building our pavilion in mid-March. I have taken some images of our pavilion (showing). This will be the façade. Here you can see a beautiful landscape. You know, we have found out that in Kazakhstan, Switzerland is known for beautiful landscapes, nature, mountains, lakes. That’s how we’d like to attract visitors to our pavilion. In order to keep this beautiful landscape, we have to consume energy responsibly and intelligently.

When visitors enter the pavilion, they will find a gray landscape and three cottages. We will motivate our visitors to enter these houses and learn something. Each cottage is with 3 different topics.

One of them is high in the mountains. And in this smart house you will learn to consume as little energy as possible. We will show the Monte Rosa cabin that uses autonomous energy that is produces its own energy.


Another house is a typical Swiss apartment. You will meet the owner and he will explain what he does in everyday life so as not to consume too much energy.

And in the third house, we will show how to manage water. As you know, a lot of energy is produced in Switzerland with hydro dams. But it is difficult to handle this. On the one hand you need to produce energy up in the mountains, you will need the lake to build up, but downstream people need to water their fields, for agriculture. We'll talk about the management of water.


The people visit one of these houses and learn about different topics. In these houses everything is gray, but when they come out of them, as a reward for their learning, the trees will actually become colorful and will be rotating, and there will be sound and light, and they will enter a very beautiful and poetic landscape. That’s the basic idea of our pavilion: you first have to learn something, engage and then you can experience the beautiful landscape. The tagline is learning, engaging and experiencing.

KAZPRAVDA.KZ: Some EXPO participants chose EXPO village as their place of residence for the time of preparation and holding of the exhibition. Do you consider staying in these apartments?

- We're going to look at the apartments. I've seen the pictures and find them fantastic. It's a very good idea to have all these countries live there together. On the one hand it’s a real international experience, and secondly it’s a very short distance to go to work and back and still in the evening you can go to downtown. We’d really like to live in the EXPO village.

KAZPRAVDA.KZ: What are your expectations of the exhibition?

- Our expectations are to make a lot of people happy, to attract a lot of people to come to the pavilion. I don’t have the least doubt that the exhibition will be well organized. From what I have seen so far, everything is very positive. I would like to see a lot of visitors. We’ve had a lot of EXPOs in other countries, where few people came to the pavilions, especially at the beginning. I hope the organizer and the Kazakh government can do whatever they need in order to promote EXPO to the Kazakh people and to the neighboring countries.

Xenia Voronina
16:03, 17 November 2016


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